Specialty Gourmet Food and Drink Samples

Here are the gourmet food shops that have already agreed to take part in our event.

Cypress Grove
We’re small but mighty and located on the rural North Coast of California. Cypress Grove founder Mary Keehn had a dream of a soft-ripened goat cheese that eventually became an award-winning, iconic cheese and has fueled the growth of one of the most popular creameries in the country.

So Rich! Chocolates
So Rich! Chocolates is committed to keeping the craft of candy making and confections alive. Every recipe is created with care using only the highest of quality ingredients, locally sourced whenever possible. Each piece is hand dipped and promises to deliver unique flavors created by ingredients found only in their natural state. All their chocolate used is Fair Trade and is made locally in California.

Cutting Board
Stasha New, owner of the Cutting Board will be sampling Cypress Grove cheeses from her Cutting Board booth.

Ryan Bros Coffee
Here at Ryan Bros Coffee “We are passionate about selecting, roasting and blending unique coffees that create a ritual experience which bonds customers and friends in special relationships.” With over 20 years experience roasting & serving coffee we have developed our roasting to get the very best from a coffee bean. We can take a bean through to “second crack” without producing a burnt flavor. The key to our quality control is roasting & blending in controlled “Small Batch” sessions and working with only the very best raw materials sourced from all around the globe.

These vendors will be Sampling Homebrewed Non-alcoholic Sodas

Temecula Valley Homebrewers Association
The Temecula Valley Homebrewers Association is an active club dedicated to promoting the art of home brewing quality ales, lagers, meads, ciders, and more. We meet on the third Wednesday of each month starting at 6pm at 8 Bit Brewing in Murrieta.

Society of Barley Engineers
Society of Barley Engineers is a homebrew club based in North County San Diego, CA. The club was founded in 1994 by a group of avid homebrewers. Our mission is to advocate the exchange of information relating to the art and science of brewing, thereby promoting quality engineered homebrews.