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The 3rd Annual Rooted in Nature Craft Brew Festival

The Rooted in Nature Craft Brew Festival showcases Southern California’s distinct and rich artisanal craft beer brewing culture featuring top Craft Breweries offering an amazing variety of styles to showcase their brewing expertise. Rooted in Nature is the perfect name for this Festival as event proceeds not only benefit the Santa Rosa Plateau Nature Education Foundation, but the essence of quality beer ingredients are directly rooted in nature with fresh hops, grains, pure water and yeast. Inspired by nature, the ever expanding and incredible array of styles and flavor profiles that continue to flourish are absolutely attributable to the introduction of robust ingredients primarily comprised of fruits, herbs and spices.

The Rooted in Nature Brew Festival will promote and educate attendees on craft beer and the brew masters that create them, and is the perfect opportunity for beer geeks, beer lovers and beer beginners to speak to the brains behind the brews. It will also be an opportunity to  and taste new brews and special “limited release” beers and ales.

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