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“Creating exceptional quality wines involves a lot of considerations; there are so many factors to consider when growing and producing one wine, we offer six. After repeatedly testing the soil, considering the weather and numerous other factors, the obvious choice to grow these types of grapes is very clear. Once the grapes have been cultivated, the process of making the wines is also a serious experience.”

Tranquil Heart Vineyard

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Bill be pouring 1 red, 2 whites and 1 rose. 

Founder Mr. William “Bill” Shinkle grew up in the San Fernando Valley. He has been in Hemet since 1972 where he and his family started the nursery here in town. When he was 15 and saw the property of the vineyard the first time, he said to his parents “I’m gonna buy that one day.” In 2009,  he was able to make that dream come true and begin the long journey of restoration.  Eight years later he has transformed it into Tranquil Heart.

Since the acquisition of the well-known 100 year old property and acreage adjacent to his 40 year old nursery, Bill looked out over his land and immediately thought this would be a perfect location for a vineyard. But what is actually required for a true vineyard? He certainly has enough experience growing endless varieties of different things in the ground. Bill began researching vineyards and the art of growing wine grapes.

Bill has been the recipient of too many awards to list, in addition to providing plants and flowers to thousands of customers over the years; he has also been involved in many landscaping and beautifying projects.